St. James brings Jesus' teachings of love through it's ministries to it's church, congregation and community.



We are self-proclaimed Prayer Warriors!  If you or a loved one are in need of prayers, you are invited to our Sunday morning service at 10 a.m., where a portion of our service prays especially for those in need, trouble, illness or despair.  Or, if you would prefer to have your name added to our weekly prayer list, please contact us or see a member of our congregation to be added to our prayer list.

Elders / Seniors


The seniors of St. James are the cornerstones of our congregation and continue to be loved and well-respected.  It is no secret that our seniors often need extra help with a ride to/from church or other errand-running in the week; assistance up and down the step to our altar; or prefer to have communion brought to them in the pew during service because they are unable to approach the altar.

We are accommodating and take care when it comes to our senior congregants; everyone, from our kids to our Vestry members, keep our seniors involved with extra hugs during the Greeting of Peace to helping organize activities within our church.

**Music - Job Opportunity!**


Our long time volunteer & congregant accompanist has stepped down from her position and St. James is in need of a Service Accompanist!!

This individual should be skilled in piano/home organ and/or guitar. A part-time paid position is available to be filled IMMEDIATELY! $75-100/week, based on experience. This position is not expected to exceed 10 hours/week (includes practice for weekly service hymns/music, 1/2-3/4 hour warm-up with choir and Sunday service music).  Additional services - Weddings, Funerals, etc. are at a "for hire" status.  Our choir is small (1-4 people), however, assistance with Children's Pageants (Easter, Christmas, other significant services) is requested. Applicant should have creativity and an ability to work with parish Pastor for direction in hymns and/or additional appropriate service music as needed; familiarity with Episcopal service a plus, not a "must". Enthusiasm and an understanding of the importance of faith to the Pastor and congregants is appreciated.  Reliability a MUST. If this sounds like the kind of part-time job you have the talent for, please contact our parish office at 315-298-2106 or email your resume/references to stjameschurchpulaski@gmail.com for review.


Choir and instrumental music are always welcome to sing God's praises!

Sunday School & Youth


St. James Sunday School program runs concurrently with the school year (Sept - June).  Children 3-12 years are welcome to attend Sunday School during the church service.  The children of St. James take part in seasonal church pageants, our Backpack Blessing before the start of every school year, and are instrumental in our services as choir members, instrument players, readers, greeters, and acolytes.

The teens of our congregation are not forgotten. We encourage our teens to take part in the service and they have represented St. James by being members of our Transition & Search Team and Diocesan representatives.  Although there is no structured Teen Youth Group currently active in our parish, there could be if there were interest. Many of our teens are currently very active in their school, college, sports, jobs, and family life thereby leaving very little time for another social activity such as Youth Group. Our fundraisers and community activities are often busy with hands of our teens and we are always pleased to have them working side by side with us!  Teens are invited to join us and experience a laid back and non-judgmental service.  There are always places we can use their energies and talents.

There are many events offered through the Episcopal Diocese of Central NY that benefit youth in grades 6-12.  St. James is able to recommend and connect any youth with these programs and ministries.

Community Service

St. James gives of itself to the small community in which we reside. Whether we are helping feed, clothe, or spiritually sustain our community we like to engage with the families around us.


NA and AA have weekly meetings in our Parish Hall.  An exercise class is also held weekly in the early evening hours.  Our small parish is proud and happy to host a FREE Thanksgiving dinner to anyone in the community every year.

We seek to better serve God and our community members wherever there is need.