Please welcome our new Rector -- Pastor Theresa Langdon.  She joined St. James after a year and a half of being without a priest as we worked through Transition & Search for a new rector. Pastor Terry's first Sunday at St. James was in December, 2017 and we have been busy working with her to continue our regular day to day business and develop new routines for St. James.  We welcome her warmly and continue to grow in our love for Christ and the mission of St. James with her.

Pastor Terry grew up in Fulton, NY and has been living and working in the Baltimore, MD area for over 30 years.  She has a rich work history in many fields including mental health, human services, the Lutheran church, and joins us now as Pastor in our Episcopal church. We are fortunate to have such a varied and experienced person in our parish and our community!

We look forward to learning more about her, working side by side with her in our community and further the mission of St. James in our congregation and neighborhood.  She looks forward to meeting and seeing new faces at church and throughout the Central NY area and getting to know YOU!



St. James Episcopal Church is a small, comfortable, family-oriented church grounded in faithful Christian beliefs followed through traditional and contemporary Episcopal practices.

The congregation of St. James are dedicated and loving of their church and their faith. Our congregants work very hard to share responsibilities, organize fundraisers and events, continue developing and deepening our Christian faith through worship and Eucharist; we encourage involvement of our children in Sunday worship and have begun making much needed remodeling improvements to our building and parish hall, inside and out.

We have a love of God, a love for one another, and a love for the community that we serve.